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My five for 07June 2004


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Hi all

I can't remember seeing these posts around recently so thought I'd put one up today. I have been having a bit of a sad time of things lately since we found out about Mum's skeletal metastases and thought it was important to try to remember the good stuff happening too.......such as

(1) My adorable niece Amy's fourth birthday party yesterday which was very entertaining (with 21 children there)

(2) Actually seeing my baby moving inside of me for the first time (I am 25 weeks pregnant with my first one)

(3) That my Mum and Dad are only a 30 minute drive away so I can see them whenever I want to (which is actually all the time, but I figure they'll get sick of me so give them a little bit of breathing space)

(4) The gorgeous lady I work with who always, always asks how I am in the mornings and actually waits to hear my reply

(5) My intact roof, which didn't have any leaks after a big storm last night.



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Thanks for starting the thread again. It always helps to find things to be greatful about.

1. My NERD status after my recent PET/CT.

2. My NERD status after my recent PET/CT

3 My NERD status after my recent PET/CT

4 My husband, without whom I would not be NERD after my recent PET/CT

5. My family and friend (including all of you here) who have prayed for my news to be NERD.

I love you all


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1) Little Nathaniel turns one today - that'd be one of my "bonus" grandbabies.

2) My youngest "bonus" son graduates tomorrow night.

3) My garden is starting to sprout and bloom.

4) Hubby is happy - he bought a new truck.

5) My son is now in eighth grade!

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always #1, I woke up again today

2, My daughter is about to marry the love of her life...and we like him a lot

3, His family came for the weekend to meet us....and we liked them too!

4, The sun has been shining for about a week and it's only rained once - in the evening.

5, The good scan and test results that people have been getting and I'm hoping to get on Friday.

Happy SUNNY Tuesday from Vermont


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I am glad to see this also...to be able to post my gratefulness.

1) Another beautiful day

2) A wonderful husband who takes very good care of me

3) The comfort I receive reading all of your posts

4) That Sue's Mike seems to be doing better

5) All my cyber friends


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Wonderful topic.

1) Discovered love letters from Jim hidden long ago in the back of my underwear drawer.

2) My sister's melanoma is in-situ (surface only).

3) BreatheDEEP products!

4) Reached 36,000 miles on SUV and the car didn't stop automatically at 36,001 (out of warranty).

5) LCSC friends and info.

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