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Hi, I just joined a few days ago, thought I would Introduce

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Hello everyone, I have been lurking around your site the last few days and thought I should introduce my sedlf,

I joine the site a few days ago, due to the reccomendation of a dear forum cohort from another site of which I am a menber,she highly reccomended you all as a grat support group, so here goes.

I was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancerstage 4 just a week before Mothers Day,It has spread to my spine, skull, rib cage, Lymph something or other, and also in the glands on top of my kidneys. The Primary Site being the Right Lung, this geing inoperable, I was put on external Radiation Treatments have had all of the reccomended 5, have also been issued 3 Internal Brachytherapy Radiation treatments(?spelling?)Have received 2 of these will get 3rd on Friday June10, This proceedure consists of having 3 tubes placed down your nose and will deliver to the specified areas Radiation tablets which will then be released.

On Saturday they will do an MRI and then on Wed. June 15 I will seeanother Doctor to disscuss further treatments I guess.

As you all can see this is all new to me so I will be reading a lot.Sorry to be so long winded.


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Hello Livinfree,

There you are, my friend!!! I'm so glad you joined us. I've been looking for you. I just know you are going to love this group of people . So many of them are stage IV like you and my hubby, Mike. I hope you are beginning to see that there is hope in this diagnosis and noone here pays any attention to statistics . I personally don't know anything about the kind of radiation treatments you are having , but most likely there is someone here that does know. You will see that there are different forums and as you have questions you can find the appropriate forum to ask it in. I will be keeping you in my prayers. Keep us informed of your upcoming tests and results.

Love and Prayers,


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Hi Livinfree, Great name.

Welcome to our family. You will find a ton of support here and prayers will be sent to you.

You are going through a very hard time. But you are doing it and you can beat this, you just got to believe and keep doing what you are doing. Listen to your doctors and take one day at a time.

Keep us informed of your progress and what you are feeling. You don't have to carry that big load on your shoulders by yourself. Let us help you lighten your load a bit.

When you have a chance fill out a profile that will appear on the bottom of your post. so we will know your progress.

Prayers sent to you, for better news and good results.


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