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RECIPE CUT OFF DATE 6/18 and need for volunteers......


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I am going to put a cut-off date of June 18 so we can move forward with the book :):)

I apologize if I forgot who volunteered before to help, I did not keep good records like I should have :) I know Ginny and Snowflake posted about helping.

Basically what will happen is that the recipes will be in very rough form in Word format. I will need volunteers to either format and proof; or help "cut and paste" the recipes onto an on line recipe saver. It just depends which company I go with and prices, etc.

If you are up to helping with that, please let me know.


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I would love to help and I promise to get some recipes to you as well. Or do I just need to add them as I input others when helping?

Might as well be doing something useful on this new computer rather than just playing games.


P.S. I'll e-mail the rest of the T-Bone clan for recipes.

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Can make quick work of cut and paste, re-typing, Word documents, you name it. I'm an office goddess!

You have my email address, let me know WHEN (and if we can get a headstart with what you already have prior to your cutoff).


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I am bumping this up :)

For those who volunteered--if I dont have yoru e-mail, please give it to me. I will be e-mailing you soon with what we can get started on. I just need a couple of more hours organizing first and last week was just an icky week.

Thanks to all who contributed!!!!

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Did you get any recipes for 'whoopie pies'? Not sure everyone knows about them. I will try to get that off to you...if you don't already have it.


PS: Would NOT be much help with formatting. Check out the Technical posts from me :(:(:( .A computer whiz I am NOT!


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