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Biopsy Scheduled


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I will have a biopsy on that left lung nodule that lit up on my last PET scan on Thursday. I don't have to tell you how nerve wracking this is. PLEASE say a prayer for me. If the nodule is not cancer then I will have to have the lymph nodes biopsied. If they do not show active cancer I will have the right upper lung lobectomy, otherwise I will be treated with chemo and radiation.

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I will say a prayer for you. I go for my first cat scan tomorrow since surgery on April 20th and I can tell you I am a nervous wreck right now so I know what you are going through.

If it is any consolation to you, when I had my pet scan my colon LIT UP along with the tumor in my lung and they immediately sent me for a colonoscopy which turned out negative. The Pet scan reading was false. Here's hoping an praying yours is false also.

Bill in PA

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we never know what our situation is until we go the process of trying to find out. i hope your situation is happily resolved. they will be time to worry if it isn't so try to stay focused on the big picture of your life.

here's hoping all goes well.


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I am waiting to hear from the doctor any moment about my biopsy results. The results were not in yesterday. I am hoping they will be in today. Thank you for caring and for your support. I will let you know as soon as I know. I remain hopeful and prayerful.


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My surgeon called yesterday. He said that my biopsy results are not final. At this point the pathologist does not think that the nodule is cancerous. He also told me that he is leaning towards giving me a surgery date. PLEASE continue to pray for me and everyone. WHEN PRAISES GOD UP, BLESSINGS COME DOWN.

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