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already 1 year for dad


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wow, it seems unbelieveable that today is already 1 year that dad is gone. 9 months and 7 days after we lost mom, dad followed her.

So much has happened in this last year. my sisters cancer, losing my father in law to Lung Cancer as well.

Moms 2 year anniversary is in August. They could never be apart for very long.

I guess its true, one day you wake up and a year is already gone. one minute at a time.

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What a terribly rough year it has been for you. We do get through things one day at a time and those days do become years. But so many things for you to have to be dealing with still. You are in my thoughts often...losing parents like that so close together.....I just cannot imagine.

I pray for you some peace after all the pain you have suffered. I am so sorry for all your losses.



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Oh dear Shelly...it just breaks my heart to remember all of the pain you have suffered! You are a very strong and courageous lady! Like Katie, I only wish good things to come for you. Lord knows that you definitely need lots of sunshine in your life for many years to come! I know how hard anniversaries and special dates can be. It seems like that yearly date of our loved ones passing opens up all the wounds right over again! I'm saying lots of prayers for you! You are truly a very special person!

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Shellie, I know you. I know you from a long time back. I remember, I remember. Wow. Time does fly. But time doesn't let you forget. Time lets you heal, but not forget. Here is to not forgetting. If you forget, a life is wasted. IT is through memory that life remains forever. Here is to the people, family, that you have lost. And here is to remembering every last detail, and relishing in it. Mirrell

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I know exactly what you mean about the time just a floating by. It is quickly coming up on a year for my mom and I just cant fathom that I haven't seen her beautiful face for that long. Just want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you.


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