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First scan after surgery.


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I go for my first cat scan after surgery (done on April 20th) tomorrow, Thursday. Needless I am a nervous wreck. Does everyone feel like this before tests/scans?? Probably won't know the results until Monday so my weekend will be stressful.

By the way there is a large cancer support/survivor event being held at Montage MOuntain in Moosic, PA

just south of Scranton off of 81) from 1-4 on SUnday if anyone is interested.

Any suggestions?????

Bill in PA

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Hey Bill,

Of course I will be thinking of you. YES!!!!!!! WE all get crazed at scan times! Here's hoping for fabulous results! Let us know ASAP about your results.

Is that event very close to you? Too far for me, I think.

Always my best to you.


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I think we all understand how you feel with scans approaching. No advice on how to make it better. I fall victim to it in a big way every time, but please know that you will be in my thoughts.

Let us know how it turns out.


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Scan time - oh boy!

I am one of the people the anxiety appears by just writting the scan date on my calendar.

My advise is to try and keep busy from now until the results come in.

Best wishes for good results are being sent your way.


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Bill you are going to be fine. Your test will be NED.

You and Jan are going great. Try not to stress out. I know you will both do fine. Both NED! 8)

You Both will be having drinks at Cindi's Bar. See ya there. :D


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Hey Bill,

The ever soooo dreaded SCAN TIME!! :roll: I've been doing this scan stuff for 10 years now and I STILL get somewhat nervous! Your amoung GOOD COMPANY here when it comes to the DREADED SCAN DAYS! :o

Deep breath in, and put your party hat on and go get SCANNED! Will be looking to see your post in the GOOD NEWS FORUM! OKAY? OKAY! :wink:

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