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Clear Bracelets


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Please take a look at the link. They have gotten the price down for everyone. We still get a proceed, but this way, the products are cheaper for you guys and maybe you can buy MORE!! LOL :wink:

Thanks everyone for your continued support.

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Wow - I bought a batch from Connie B a month ago. Had the same problem that they were really large. My daughter actually cut hers and then tried to super glue it so she could wear it, unfortunately it looked ridiculous.

I will definetly order a new batch.


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I'm not sure about the shipping time. It usually arrives within two weeks for me, or sooner.

Here is there contact information. Call or e-mail them if you (or anyone) has any questions or concerns.


866-EZ-BREATHE (866) 392-7328


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Katie, thanks for the new info about the bracelets. I ordered mine from Breathe Deep. Mine is a little on the big size but I prefer it that way rather than too tight. I have had a lot of people look at my bracelet and ask what it is for. It has given me several opportunities to talk about lung cancer and tell Dennis's story!

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I've order a youth sized one myself and am looking forward to recieving it. However I did just receive an e-mail from breathe deep and they informed me their shipment of youth sized bracelets are on back order and are not expected in until the end of next week. :(

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