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Almost Decent News BIt Tonight

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On the nightly news for King 5 here in Washington there was an alomst decent bit about LC. It specifically highlightned non-smokers who got LC, and mentioned the website that is doing the study for non-smokers who get it. So that was very positive.

But at the same time... They made it sound like people who do smoke and got LC got it ONLY because they smoked. Maybe I am just being over-sensitive though. It seemed that they presented it as if non-smokers got it because of a genetic anomaly... but left no room for the possibility that some smokers had the same genetic anomaly working to their detriment.

Again... I'm having an ick day so I'm probably just being picky.

Hooray that it got some press at all, and some press different that the kind we usually hear.

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You're being logical, Val, and there's no place for logic in politics! LOL

Yeah, genetics can be a factor for smokers, too, ya'd think, but it seems once the "smoker/former-smoker" box is checked, nothing else is looked at.

You're not being picky, others insist on being dumb. It's a D'oh! moment, ya know?

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