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mri results are GOOD


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Thanks everyone for posting encouraging words!!!

After having me wait while they called my dr. in the OR (which, of course, I took as a bad sign) turns out everything is normal. WOO0-HOOOO!!!! Now we just have to get weaned off these steroids. Oh, to be able to sleep again, I can't wait.

I agree with everything you all said about the doctors wanting to give hope and all. This doctor really swings from optimism to "it could come back at any time" at each appointment. I don't know, it doesn't matter, he is famous here in Austin for what he does. And what he did is save my life for which I am grateful!! So enough said.

I'm around, just not always posting, just too tired sometimes.

God bless,


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Steroids vs sleep, what a fun combination don't you think? Good to hear that you are going to be weaned off the steriods soon. The drug is amazing but has such bad side effects.

Sometimes I think that the truly amazing surgeons just don't have the energy to be a great people person too. Like you said, the surgeon saved your live!

Hang in there,


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Seeeee??? I had a feeling you'd be getting good news. Never mess with the "feelings" of someone with Addietude!! :D

I'm so happy for you Melanie...and you take the time you need to regroup until you're ready to be back posting often. You'll continue to feel a bit tired...probably off and on...for a bit...but your energy will come back.

Funny....the weekend my platelets tanked and I needed three transfusions.....the day after the last one I scrubbed my kitchen floor and back hallway. I'm talking like 750 sq. feet of tile floor! :shock:

I later told my onc...."I must be like the guy who didn't know he was a drunk until he sobered up!! I didn't realize my energy was low until those transfusions fueled me back up!" :D

When you start looking for the mop....watch out!! You'll know you're back to normal energy!

Take care, Mel...and again, I'm so glad the report was good and lifted your spirits. Keep the faith!!

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