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Dave Update

Remembering Dave

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Hi all. thanks to everyopne who sent a PM. to be honest with you, I haven't even had time to look at them. I just saw a bunch there. things have been rather hectic for me lately, which is a gross understatement.

On the practical side of things, in the last week, we sold our house, found a new house, negotiated a contract on it, and now have a solid contract on a new house. it's absolutely perfect in my mind. just what I wanted. in a quiet neighborhood, yet lots of kids for Faith to play with. our house is on a cul de sac on the back of the subdivision, so we have a private backyard surrounded by woods. met one of the neighbors already and he's a nice guy. I can get to daycare in five minutes and on to work from there in another 15. we are closing on our house on the 27th and closing and moving into the new house on the 30th. so you can say we are moving fast, which at this point is very necessary. the house is just a little more money than we wanted to spend, but I love it, Dave likes it alot, and he told me he is very very happy because he knows now that we will be settled into a nice house and well taken care of. this is an important step of closure for him and I'm glad. not glad he needs that closure, but glad he's happy about it.

He had a spinal tap yesterday to check for cancer cells in his spinal fluid. we may know the results tomorrow. it really doesn't look like the catheter in the head to put chemo into the spinal fluid thing will work for him but we will see. I just hope like hell he doesn't need it.

His pain is increasing every day. It hurts me to the core of my being to see the pain he's in.

Don't know what else to say. I guess for a few days, anyway, we're in a wait and see mode on Dave, but moving fast and furious on house closing arrangements. I have a bunch of friends coming over on Saturday to help us get the house packed up. these are folks from the law firm I worked at five years ago. they've all been wonderful to us all along, and I put out a cry for help and within minutes had a bunch of volunteers.

well, gotta run, but that's it for now.

p.s. Faith had her end of year program at "school" last night and spelled her name out loud into the mike, in fact, she was the first kid to go, and she nailed it, I was so proud of her. the program was held in the church sanctuary which was packed, but Faith picked me out of the crowd and every now and then would give me a little wave from the stage, made my heart soar. The very sad thing was, Dave was in too much pain to go, but his parents came and videotaped it and he actually saw the videotape before Faith and I even got home.

well, gotta run, am going over real estate contract with Dave before Faith wakes up.

God Bless,


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I am glad the house deals are working out ok. It sounds like it may have helped Dave deal with his pain by seeing that the housing situation was being taken cae of. I hope the docs find a way to give him some relief. You all have my prayers.

Don M

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The new house sounds wonderful and I'm so happy your group of "old" friends from work has volunteered to help with the move.

Wish Dave's pain were getting better, not worse...but still holding out hope that the spinal tap is negative and that they can come up with something to relieve his pain.

While it's tough having to address certain issues or potential issues...we've pretty much all had to do some of that, regardless of current status. Hubby and I have talked about where I want to be buried, and what to have me wear, etc. Also the fact that the cremains of our previous four pooches, each in their own little tin box...will go at the foot of my coffin. I think being able to address some of these things is helpful too...and may seem more so, when the time comes.

Keep up your strength as best you can, Karen. I think you're doing amazingly well...and I love it that you can still find so much joy in the exchanges with little Faith. That one's a little pistol, that's for sure! :wink:

Thanks for keeping us up to date. You know you're all on a lot of our minds...so check in whenever you can and know our thoughts are with you!

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Thank you so much Karen for updating us.

I know the next couple of weeks is going to he so hectic for you. Which is a good thing as you certainly will be a busy bee.

I am praying that something works for Dave and his pain lessens.

Stay strong, you are amazing


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Karen, I am so glad to hear that the house issue is finally done! It sounds like it will be a wonderful home for the Chapman's. Sounds like that little girl of yours is really smart! I am so sorry Dave wasn't able to attend but it's wonderful that his parents video taped it for him. I so hope that the doctors will be able to find something to control Dave's pain. I know how hard it is for you to watch him suffer and be completely powerless as what to do to help. I'm saying prayers!!!

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Karen, how hard this must be for you. I don't really know what to say. I have been following you and Dave for quite awhile. What I really want to say is " Never give up hope" and " no matter what, you are going to be ok". Thinking about you and your family and sending my prayers. Mirrell

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Hi Karen,

Glad to see the house thing going so smoothly for you. I know you have so many things to do. It's good that you have friends to help with the packing. etc. Sounds like you work with a really good group of people.

Hope Dave spinal tap goes well. Prayers coming your way that test is neg.

Best Wishes,


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Boy it sounds like you are busy busy busy. Make sure to take some time to relax and relieve some of that stress for your own health and strength.

I'm happy to hear that you have a new home, and that you also have lots of help through the moving process. I've had to pack/unpack and move 3 times in the past year and boy is it a headache.

I am so sorry that David is going through so much pain and I pray that his doctors are able to offer him some relief from it. I know for me the hardest part of this disease for me to deal with is seeing the man I love suffer, in pain, sad or scared. I am also praying every hour that his spinal tap result come out negative. The port in the head is such a scary thing to think about. I know that when Keith's brain mets were found there were some in the outer perimeter that could have spread cancer cells to his spinal fluid. The doctors talked about the chemo port in his head for that and Keith was freaked out by the mere thought of it. But the doctors did tell us that if the cancer was there that there were many good results shown with that treatment. Keith's spinal scan was clear, and I earnestly pray for the same results for you so this treatment is not necessary.

God Bless


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Your enthusiasm over the close and buy is coming through loud and clear. Congratulations are in order! Best of luck with all of this. It is going to be just NUTS. Can you take time off from work at all?

Sorry to hear about Dave's pain. Will be saying extra prayers for Dave.

Cindi o'h

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Karen & Dave,

I continue to hope that things will turn around and that Dave's pain gets brought under control.

Karen, I can't wrap my mind around where your mind must be. I lost parents but I guess thats more acceptable than watching your spouse suffer at such a young age.

Dave. Your fight is inspirational and you can beat this b*stard back again.

please know that your being thought of constantly with prayers and good hopes.


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No cancer cells in spinal fluid. I feel like that in itself is a miracle.

But he's not lucid and in constant excruiating pain. Right side is numb, can barely lift right arm a few inches. Trying to get SOMEONE to do SOMETHING for him, and got the NP in the onco doc's office working on things. But looks like we're set for a weekend with no clear answers on what happens next.


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