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Need good thoughts and prayers


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Well, it's that time. I have a CT Scan tomorrow to see if the Alimta is still working. Of course I'm terrified cause I've been coughing a lot lately. Trying to stay calm, doesn't work! Will get results on Monday.

Have gallbladder surgery on Tuesday. Terrified about this also. I'm weak and am scared that something is going to go wrong. My breathing isn't that good and I won't say everything else I have thought of that can happen. :cry:

Need to know that everyone is with me through this nightmare, I'm not handling it well.

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Beth, I will be saying prayers for you! I know from experience that you will feel better when your gallbladder is out...especially if you have been having attacks!

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Just take a number for that "what if" game -- I think we all do it in one way or another. Mine used to come out in the form of strange dreams -- really strange! One was a Dr. Frankenstein clone, telling me I had a brain met, and he could tell that by looking at my feet. :roll: I would dream that I had to get to the cancer center really early, before they ran out of my chemo drugs. :roll: Stuff like that.

I still have some anxiety before a test, but am learning to control it better than before, and will more than likely experience it every time a test comes up.

Hang in there. We're all thinking about you and pulling for you.


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Better start growing lots of extra hands because many people are going to be there to hold them. Prayers, good thoughts, good vibes, whatever you need you got.

Stay busy with your family to try and keep your mind off of the coming week. I know easy for me to say.

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