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Poll:Holidays especially designed for Cancer Patients.

Guest Fivos

So do you think this packaged holiday offering medical and moral support is appealing?  

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  1. 1. So do you think this packaged holiday offering medical and moral support is appealing?

    • Yes
    • Maybe
    • No

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Guest Fivos

This is how it all started.When I asked my mother's oncologist about summer vacations and her fears of leaving the city and going away to a Greek island which can't fully accommodate any special needs she may have, he told me about an idea he and some of his colleagues have been pondering on for quite some time.

Imagine a hotel which accepts visitors who have undergone cancer treatment of any kind and are:

a) in remission

B) ending sessions of chemo or radiation therapy

c) are able to travel and continue their treatment while combining holidays in Greece.

The hotel itself will have:

1) Luxurious rooms for patients and their family members

2) Specialists from all over the world who would be in constant contact with visitors' personal oncologists and able to carry out any task required.

3) State-of-the-art equipment so as to allow on-the-spot prognosis of any type and have oncologist notified immediately of any alteration.

4) Lobbies where visitors from all over the globe can share their experiences (just like they do on this virtual support community) face to face with translators available round the clock.

5) And why not some excursions to Ancient sites or wonderful beaches under the Mediterranean sun.

It's just an idea now, but if people show interest it could materialise very quickly with International subsidizing and volunteer work. I for one would be the first to apply for the receptionist desk :D

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I think this sounds like a really cool idea, but I'm also guessing that it would probably fairly expensive which would keep it from a large portion of the cancer population who struggle just to meet normal daily expenses.

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I know the Catholic church runs retreats with doctors and other professionals on site for people with serious illnesses. There is a small fee which is waived if needs be. Those are not budget busters.

But you're right -- there should be a way to get away. I do remember, though, when I was really ill, I didn't want to go anywhere, or be sociable, just wanted to be quietly at home to read, watch movies, eat what I could without fuss, without dressing up. It's a toss up, there are a lot of expensive "facilities" compared to what I feel the market actually is.

Good luck with your projects, and congratulations on your initiative and on your resourcefulness. You'll think of something...



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