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My hebie jebie testa


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The results are all good! Blood work and xrays are clean and the CT and MRI are "preliminary" but show no changes, just the same scar tissue.

In a CYA (or should I say CHA) measure I have to call next week for the official scan readings.

I don't have to see him for a year, which is a little daunting, and then I am set free of the cancer centre -hopefully forever. My take on it was that he's setting me loose with one oar and next year he's taking it away. Somewhat scary but at the same time I feel like a teenager who's just graduated.

To celelbrate I've just had a large glass of Bailey's Irish Cream (sorry Cindi I couldn't wait for the pub to open0 and a big bowl of potato chips.........I wonder what my husband is expecting for dinner?>

Anyway people, thank you so much for all the prayers and good wishes. I wish the same results for everyone here.


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I suspect that what your husband's expecting for tea and what's he's getting are two very different things :wink: I've told Claire all about you and Joanie etc and your stories really help her. I'm thrilled for you but I'm also so grateful that you take the time to post - it really helps others.


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Bailey's!!! I love Bailey's... I'll be right over..no need to party without some other survivors!

sounds like great news. Sounds like you are going to be taking this next year one day at a time. Make it a good one!

Congratulations on your great check-up.

cindi o'h

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Hi Geri,

YOU GO GIRL!!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

That is the best news. Talk about beating the odds.

You hear that people out there. Miracles do happen, you just have to have hope and believe. Never give up. This could be your story one day.

Thanks Geri, you are definitely an inspiration. :D

We can still make it to Cindi's for a good news toast to you. :mrgreen:

I love Baileys also, same some for me. :wink:


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