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Chemo rounds done

ken f.

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i started chemo mid february and was so wearied by the process that i stopped looking at this list by mid march and only now am ready take it back up. i can tell you that sleeping 15-18 hours/day doesn't cure the fatigue when you have it.

i have taken shots for white and red blood cell promotion and am on the up swing. i was able to garden the last two weekends and filled 6 trash barrels with clippings after 5 months of no yard work so things are picking up.

our cancer center had a program put on by a psychologist in which she matched 25 cancer survivors with 25 artists to create an art project and we had a show to reveal what we all could come up with. it was amazing and incredibly touching.

tomorrow they come here for an appetizer "potluck" to commerate the program. (hence the need for yard work).

nice to see the posts here and i'm glad the list is still here and even reformatted!


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Hi Kenf.

Good to see you posting and that you have completed your treatments. It sounds like an inspiring group you're hooked up with.

Being able to put everything to containers sounds like a war of wills. Slow and steady wins the race.

If you are like me, I had some good recovery days and some stinkers thrown in there. It takes a little while to get your poop back.

love, cindi o'h

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I'm glad you're finished with treatments, and I hope your experience was as mine was--that it gets better and better every day, and soon you sleep less, eat better, and get a lot more active. Try to take really good care of yourself during this time in terms of hydration, good nutrition, exercise and rest and that can help optimize your recover.

Sounds like you have a really great support group out there....have a good potluck.

By the way, it's good to 'hear' from you again.


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So glad you are finally finished with the treatments. Now we just have to get your stength back. That will make such a difference.

take care, and good news that you are now done!


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