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Surgery Sucessful- Lord1proctector

Guest youngnblessed

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Guest youngnblessed

I just wanted to let everyone know that the surgery that was scheduled for my husband on monday was moved to friday, but I recieved a call from him this morning that the surgery went well. He will be in ICU for the next few days, so continue to pray but things are looking better. Thank You all for you love. :D

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Forgive me for asking, but what kind of surgery did your husband have? I don't recall a post on what the surgery was for, did he have his tumors removed?

I'm glad to hear he was feeling well enough to call you right after his surgery. He obviously heals well and will probably be home soon!

Here's to complete recovery!

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Hi Youngnblessed,

I am having computer troubles and cannot access your hubbie's posts. I AM curious what chemo he was having. It seems he JUST started something and then BAM --surgery. How much chemo did he have - and what kind? For some reason I recall Taxol. I took that and am soooo curious now about his surgery. Did he finish with the Taxol? Will he have any followup?

At any rate, things must be going GREAT since he was able to call you. I will be anxious for followup info.

Sounds like you already have LOTS of good luck!!!!!


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