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Painful weekend for David


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Karen took David to the emergency room last night because his pain was so bad. From what I understand, his pain was out of control until late afternoon today when they finally got him some morphine. :cry: When I talked to my parents last, they thought this would start to help him real soon. (Please, Lord!) My parents had just left the hospital and Karen was there with him.

Please say a few more prayers that this intense pain will ease up for David, and a few more prayers for Karen, Faith and my parents, too.

I'm flying to Virginia Monday and will be there about a week to help out and just spend time with David. Can't wait to get there.

In the sincere words of our old TBone...

Praying for us all,


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Just got a late-night email from my mom saying that David's still in great pain. :cry: The morphine was going to take up to 8 hours (once he finally got it) to really take effect. She said Thank God for Karen, who is kicking butt as needed, to get the doctors and nurses doing the right thing. He can't lie down due to the pain, so he's apparently been sitting in the wheelchair all this time.

We're all really hating this. Does anyone else out there clench their teeth? I'm about to wear mine out.

I'm looking forward to being there. My last trip was in late May and already it seems so long ago.

Thanks for the good wishes and prayers, everyone.


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It is beyond my comprehension that in this day of amazing technology they can't make our dear David pain free. Good for Karen to fight and fight.

I think about and pray for the Chapman's every day. Too much sadness for one family.

Becky, please keep us posted.

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I, too, have been praying for the Chapman family all along. I will step them up some AND add that the medical team be provided with the knowledge AND compassion needed to help David with this pain.

I know how meaningful a visit from a sibling can be. It is something special that just no one else can provide. I'm sure your being there will be of great comfort to David.

And yes, I do clench my teeth during trying times. Please let us know ASAP when this pain is improvong so I can release my jaw.

Many heartfelt prayers for all of you every day,


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I am So Very Sorry to hear our David is in such pain.


I can only hope and pray that as of today his pain is undercontrol.

It's sad to hear that poor Karen has to do the job of the medical staff to get David some much needed comfort. God Bless Her!

My prayers and thoughts are with all of you.


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I'm just floored that they can't get his pain under control! I hope the morphine kicks in soon.

Becky please let me know if there is anything I/We can do, although I have surgery on Tuesday....please have Karen call my husbands cell phone (she has the number) if there is anything.

I'll be thinking about him him while they are hacking out my gallbladder!

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Hi Becky,

Just want you to know that I have been praying for Dave and the Chapmans so much.

I really hope they could get this pain taken care of. With all the drugs now of days, you would think they can keep a person pain free.

So glad you are joining the family there. I know how much you want to be there for him, your parents and Karen. It is tought to be so far away.

Karen is amazing, she is keeping her strength up and getting things done.

Keep us informed of David's progress.

Mega prayers,


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