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Not Great News & Oncologist who wants to WAIT!


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I got the results from my CT scan today from the oncologist, there was no change from the last scan, no new shrinkage but no growth of the tumor in my lung and the mets on my liver. I was very disappointed to say the least. I was on Irinetecan and Taxol for 6 rounds beginning in March. The first scan showed 50% shrinkage which was great, next one was only about 10-20% more (depends on which doctor you talk to).

Now for the problem, my original oncologist left to move to California and I now have this other onc who is in charge of the clinical trials program at Yale, no personality, cold fish, etc, etc, to make it short I can't stand him. So after his not glowing report today I said okay what now? He said "let's wait", I replied wait for what? I have not lost any weight at all, had vomiting one time, never had to have a shot to boost my blood, no transfusions, no dehydration, have kept up my normal schedule (almost) what are we waiting for? For the cancer to spread? He had no reasonable answer for me to my questions. Next he wants me to go for a new PET scan which I agreed to. He said then we will see. Well I came home and immediately made an appointment with another oncologist at another cancer center in Connecticut.

Has anyone ever had this experience. I am NOT in remission and this guy wants me to wait? I could not believe my ears. Opinions please

Really steaming now!

Bess B

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Yes, I've had this happen, and my opinion is that you've done the right thing by calling someplace else. I'm with you... we fight it for as long as WE want to fight it. And for me that is going to be a very, very, very long time.

Fay A.

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I agree with you, you should look for a new Onc. Perhaps one with a personality would be nice. Attitude------ "belief in the cure and curer" has everything to do healing and recovery. I took this South American culture class in college years ago that emphasized non-traditional medicines and cures. In otherwards, witchdoctors, Shamenism, and voodoo spells ect.. Ha! The point is, 75% or more of the cure exists in our mind. If you have no faith in this guy, then he won't be able to help you regardless his advanced degrees and high standing.- Beside I would want a doctor that atleast was thinking about the next move instead of "we wait and see!!!" I am with you, wait for what.... the cancer to return! Now, it is true that that you want to give your body a rest cause treatment kills the good along with the bad cells. My doctor said 'we don;t want to kill anymore of the good cells than we have too." PLus you give the body a chance to regain strenght, but didn't you say your body was strong with no counter-effects from the chemo?

keep us posted and good luck!.


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I always think it's best to go with your gut instincts. I believe that we were blessed with this for more then just digesting food. :wink:

In a doctor patient relationship the largest part of that relationship is TRUST, it you don't have that then MOVE ON before you have a chance to regret it. :D

I hope this new doctor is Wonderful!!!

Hugs, Shelly

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Hi Bess,

I always try to keep up with your posts because we were diagnosed about the same time and our treatment schedules are parallel. I totally agree that you should find another doctor and get a second opinion even if only because you don't like the one you have now. I too just finished my 6th round of chemo and although the CT looked very good I am waiting for a PET scan to be sure. I also wanted to continue on with chemo, but my doctor said no. He said he felt that 6 rounds was very agressive and that he didn't want to do more. You have to weigh the benefit vs the cost and that chemo can also kill you. If this was also your doctor's thinking then why didn't he say that? I have also done very well on the chemo, but did get low white cell counts and had to be hospitalized for a few days. Neulasta has taken care of that. I must admit I'm looking forward to a break, but am concerned to do nothing. We will talk about it more after the PET. If it looks good I will do the PCI, but in any case I'm not comfortable taking too long of a break and will be looking at my options. Will be very interested in hearing what you find out.


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