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My neighbor Stella, dying of LC


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I have not been posting lately, and I have to appologise for that.

My former next door neighbor (for 30 years) who will be 95 years young, is dying of Lung Cancer.

She is the most amazing women that I know. My mind should be half as alert as hers. She has a photographic memory. She always calls and sends us cards for our birthdays and anniversays. Never forgets anything.

She just found out she has LC last week and is very advance. She has hopice coming in and giving her mophine. She knows she is going to die, but does not know how soon. She is so scared. She thinks she has about 6 months. They actually say that she may not make it to her 95th birthday next Sunday. I know she will make it.

I can't believe this she was doing so good. We all thought she would live to be 100, then boom, this. Of all things LC at age 95.

She had been in an assisted living place for about 5 years now. So we have to travel about 40 minutes to see her.

We try to go as much as possible as she asked us to come as much as we can.

Anyway, we go constantly during our free time, and I just have not been up to posting.

Me and Joel spend as much time with her as we can along with her children. Stella to me was not only my friend (I could tell her anything, I would not tell others) but she was like my sister.

I know she is lucky to make it to 95, but it does not lessen our pain. We never considered her that old as she was always young at heart. She was more like a person in her 70's.

I will post from time to time.

Put Stella in your prayers, for less pain and comfort.


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