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Any experiences with Cyberknife?


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Since I have access to Cyberknife treatment, I'm wondering how others have experienced it. What have been your results either to tumors in the lung or mets on spine? Mine are very small. Just curious before I push the procdure with Dr. Would you recommend it only if tumors are large and causing pain or can it kill the small tumors?

Thanks, Leslie

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Wow! Thanks for the referral - what a great site. I asked a question and we'll see what they say. It was also encouraging to see Steve was dx'd in 2003 with stage IV and is doing well. I guess I'm not just whistling in the dark when I hope I can hang in here until they have a treatment that will cure or keep this chronic but not deadly.

By the way, were are you in Northern CA? I'm born and raised in SF, went to college and lived in San Rafael for 5 years! I miss it!

Thanks again,


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Because of my husbands remarkable response to Gamma Knife for the tumors in his brain we are certainly going after the met in his liver! Can't wait to say goodbye to that sucker too! We can't do his lung tumor because it is too close to his heart so we are relying on the chemo. If we could, we would!


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My sister had cyberknife for a brain met a couple of years ago and for a spot on her lung earlier this year***. Hers were both successful and were done at Georgetown. With what we know now, however, I would recommend having cyberknife done at Stanford if possible as they were at the proverbial ground floor with the cyberknife. Hope this helps.

***We just received word that a PET Scan taken ofn Thursday revealed that the lung tumor treated with the cyberknife is again growing and, she now has a growth on her other lung. We will not give up though!!

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My mom is a candidate for cyberknife and will be getting next week or the week after for the new growth near her spine. I am so grateful that this very topic was here today!!! The website will be a great resource for us! Keep any info coming!

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