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Is this normal


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My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and cancer of the throat in January. 6 treatments of chemo has successfully shrunk his neck tumour but unfortunately the lung cancer is well advanced and there is nothing more they can do. He has generally been in good health up until now. They have said that he could have around 6 months - a year left with us. We are devastated.

He is suffering severe lightheadedness when he stands and today I had to catch him before he fell and hit his head. Is this a normal symptom or could there be something else underlying?

Many thanks


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So sorry to hear about your dad. However, before you accept the nothing else can be done, please do not dismiss the notion of getting another opinion on that.

I agree about low blood pressure causing light headedness. Is he on any medication that could be causing it? Please check out all options if at all possible.

I am a firm believer in second opinions. In fact, it was my 4th opinion that saved my life!


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So sorry to hear about your dad. Thankfully there are many people on this board that have traveled the lung cancer journey and may be able to offer support and knowledge.

I agree with Kasey that I would recommend getting a second opinion on your dad's diagnosis. Maybe the doc he has seen diagnosed him accurately but then again, maybe another doc has more options that he is willing to try.

There are many survivors that have been given "months" to live and are still around to tell about it years after they are diagnosed. There is hope.

Good luck with your familys journey. Please know that there are prayers being said for you and yours.


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Hi Fi.

Many older people get light-headed when they stand up too quickly.

Remind him to be mindful when getting up especially from a lying position. Take it slowly and incorporate steps into standing up, resting inbetween each step.

Hope that is all this is.

Cindi o'h

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