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Best course of treatment


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Hey Guys,

Sorry, I have been off the board for a while. I have had a hard time shaking the chemo/ Rad funk! Going to treatments has been about all I can muster the energy to do these past couple of weeks. Jack had been concerned about my sleeping so much, even coming into the room to turn me and take my temperature every few hours. Poor guy, he worries too much. I am lucky to be blessed with him! I have not napped in two days! Staying awake and doing more around the house. My sisters came to visit me today and had me laughing hysterically! I actually hurt from laughing so hard.

Anyway, I have a question of medical sorts....If the cancer tumors have shrunk considerably enough should surgery still be a consideration for stage 3A? I mean to really be reassured the cancer will be irradicated or not return?

Take care all!


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Dear Cheryl,

Yes, I think surgery could still be in the treatment plan of someone whose tumors have shrunk through chemo and radiation but it really depends on the individual. The tumor may be in a very dangerous position, near a blood vessel or the heart and may not be able to be operated on or there may be too much scar tissue from the radiation. I guess there are many reasons why someone would not be a candidate for this surgery. Only a highly skilled thoracic surgeon would be able to make the assessment for you.

Take care. I hope this helps to answer your questions.


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THanks for thinking about me, You all or in my prayers and thoughts daily.

ADA! I have been so worried about you! I read Shelly's post about your recovery, and am so gald to hear from you. How are you feeling these days? Tell us more about the trial that you are waiting for!


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