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General Staging for NSCLC


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You have to remember that there are no 5 year survival rates for anyone that has been dianosed in the last three years. Ten years from now when we look back we will know we are the ones that set the new rates that have been improved so much.

Stay positive, :)


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Loved the referenced site because it didn't define my cancer (TX N0 MO) in any stage but called it Occult. I understand from other sources (and Dr West on onctalk) that my cancer is lumped in with IIIB NSCLC because they don't have anyplace else to put it. According to Dr West, the fact that I've had a pleural effusion is what puts me there and that I will be IVA in the new staging system. I've always felt I'm not as bad off as they tell me I am, so off I go to examine "Occult Cancer." I never heard the term before. It will probably lead me back to IIIB but, oh well, I never said I wasn't a cockeyed optomist.

Judy in Key West

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