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An update from the horses mouth.


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I am new to this forum and I get so much out of hearing from people like you - you give me the ability to believe that my mom is OK, even with cancer, that her spirit is real and healthy. I loved your description of the bird, dean. we don't get too many purple finches here in times' square, where I work and yet, reading your post, I heard him. it made me think about where my mom lives, across the river in jersey. some years ago, some parrots (bright colors, the whole nine) on their way to a pet store escaped in her town. cold and lost, I'm sure, they nevertheless figured it out, acclimated, and now there is a whole colony of tropical parrots making their home along the Hudson River like they've always been there. makes me think of how you, my mom and others are able to adapt to and thrive in impossible, implausible conditions, too. so thanks.



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Dean, I have been following you since I came on here and have often wondered if my Tim might have lived longer if he had chosen the path you did. The chemo made him so sick I feel like it helped shorten his life. I guess I'll never know.

Love your attitude and descriptions. I hope the depression disappears very fast. You are some guy!

My best to you,


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Well, Dean...since your subject read "an update from the horses mouth"....I'm very glad the horse was able to speak..lol!!! I'm very glad that Gay let us know how you've been doing! You're very lucky to have that lady by your side! I just can't believe you have all of those birds in your yard! When I first moved into my house, I very rarely saw any birds. I have been planting a lot of butterfly friendly plants and adding bird feeders. I was so excited on Sunday morning when I saw a pair of cardinals at one of the feeders! Your view must be absolutely beautiful! I also have a rather odd sight at my bird bath lately. I have one rather large crow that shows up on a daily basis to drink. Dean...you hang in there and keep us posted as often as possible, either directly or via Gay. You and your words have touched us all in a very special way! I'm keeping you and Gay in my prayers!!!

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Dean Carl, as always, you are in my thoughts. I'm glad you have help on the way to be more comfy.

Early in the morning, I hear the birds outside just going to town -- each with its own particular melody. The cats are perched on the back of the sofa watching, and I just listen. Ever since I read the first post from you about the critters in your yard, it's hard for me to hear this cacophony of Top 40 bird tunes without thinking about you.

Hang in there as best you can. Nothing wrong with asking for and getting help, yanno. (So sez one of those stubborn folks herself!)

Many good thoughts and prayers to you all.


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Dean Carl,

You are truly an inspiration. Your optimism and ability to see the good all around you reminds me that I just need to open my eyes and really 'see' the good that surrounds us.

Thank you so much for taking the time to post and I am wishing you the very best from your visits with hospice. You are amazing.


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Well Dean, your one mighty fine looking horse is all I can say. Good to see you posting.

And as the song says, "Oh Lord It's Hard to Be Humble" :roll::wink: Been there, done that!

I just want you to know you and Gay are always in my throughts and prayers. I pray things go the way YOU wish them to.

It's always good to see you post. :)

(((((((((((((((DEAN & GAY)))))))))))

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Hi Dean,

Wow that is a beautiful story about your birds. I am glad they are there for you as they give you so much pleasure.

Please take care, thank you for bringing us up to date.


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I want you to know how very much your posts and your outlook on life has helped me. You give so much of yourself when you write. Your words are truly a gift to all who read them . Thank you.

I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. I pray hospice will be able to help you get comfortable so you can enjoy all that you can in your life. I love reading about your birds. Mike and I enjoy nature and animals , as well. God gave us so much to enjoy in this life and you seem to know how to appreciate it. Sending prayers to help you to find the smile inside of you and comfort in the coming days. God Bless.

Love and Prayers,


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Good to hear from you Dean. Sorry about the SOB.. not good. But, glad there is no pain.

You are right, it is not easy to get humble. Very difficult for me as well. It is a nasty struggle. A demon of a thing. I wish you well with this part as I know how difficult it can be. Just do it.. and think of it this way..you would get a glass of water for someone else wouldn't you? You would be happy to help another in some little way, right? Give pleasure by asking for your needs to be met. You are worth it, and you deserve it.

Cindi o'h

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Hey Dean! It's good to hear from you, but I'm sorry to hear that you're having some tough times.

Hey, head east and I'll let you set up camp in my family room. If you sit there long enough, you'll see rabbits, chipmunks, coyote, deer, racoon, and a huge hawk that I hate that tries to catch and eat our birds at the bird feeder (hubby says to leave him along - he's gotta eat, too :roll: ), and the biggest, most beautiful red-headed woodpecker I've ever seen.

That woodpecker is mean, though. He pecks the sparrows and cardinals really hard, scares them away and takes all the corn for himself. The coyote are disguting creatures, too. They bark (screech) at night and sound like a room full of crying babies. ooooooh - I hate them!

You take care, my friend, and you or Gay please keep us posted on how you're doing.



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Hey there Dean Carl.

Two things have always struck me about you -- you ALWAYS have an "upside" in any of the situations you have had to deal with, and -- you have always something to teach us; find the beauty in life no matter what hand you've been dealt. I loved your description of the birds you watch. My woodwork students just finished a 40 bird house mass production run; they all get to keep one, and the rest we give to folks in the neighborhood around the school. Your descriptions of birds sounds very similar to my students -- some had birds nesting the very next day! Take care Dean.

David P.

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hey there dean.so glad to see you posting.i know all about the pain thing.i still have pain from my surgery,and it's great to know that the pain can be

eliminated.as far as asking for help with things that

are hard to do by yourself now,in 99% percent of caregivers they are glad to help.well dean keep on posting if you can.you still inspire me to hang in there and think positive.see ya 8)

mini george

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