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An update on me jcawork/Jen


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Doughnut and group,

Thanks so much for thinking about me. It means a lot having friends out there that understand.

I havn't been posting because I feel like I am such a bummer. I have been reading. I don't feel like I have much to offer and I am so sick of myself I hate posting my array of physical complaints.

Well, here goes the update:

4/27 Confirmed recurrance

May twenty WBR including weekends-

Suffered from burnt inner ears that caused a total off balance thing that just ruined each day. Inner ear steroids finally helped. When my onco looked in my ears he said "Ouch! Thats hurts to even look at". They were on fire-both inside and outside.

Flank Pain for 5 weeks have no idea what its from. Onco thinks its from the big ovaries (possible mets), Rad. Onco thinks its mechanical and I pulled something.-Been better for one week?

1 week break between WBR and Chemo-not long enough

4 days Topotecan-Did okay,Onco said I was not more energetic because of having WBR right before and they lowered my steroids because I cant sleep on them.

Week post chemo-WBC hit the toilet in 2 days 1.4 and only 0.8 granulars-Levequin and start Neupogen which makes me ache so much-5 days post chemo platelets hit 46 and holding there we hope. RBC ok for now.

So, I have spent the last 6 weeks, burnt, dizzy, off balance, holding my side from pain, tired, weirded out from chemo, tummy a bit upset, not much appetite, low counts, doing shots and lets not forget that the chemo kicked up my pneumonitis so I am nebulizing ever 4 hours and wheezing. Also bad pollen here in DC.

This past Sat. I felt human for the first time in a long time. Sun felt crappy again, today better again and far more active.

I am also still depressed. Not that horrible sinking depression when you first here the bad, bad news, but a foating depression where I occasionally think all the worst things, loose hope for a while, feel why bother with any of this and then it passes.

The board has had some crappy news lately and I actually loose sleep sometimes from reading it now. Mouse lives close to me and she and I had a similar month as mine in terms of WBR, but she is not doing well and I am very sad about this. Called her and wish I could do something to help her.

So there it is. I am hanging in there w/ the help of friends like you. Thank-you again.


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Hi Jen,

You have been through far too much. But I know there is light at the end of that tunnel. Just keep believing and know that things will look bright to you again. One day at a time..

You are quite a fighter and even though the battle seems to be tougher at times, you will come out a winner. Never give up!!!

Thnking of you and sending prayrers as always you way for better days ahead.


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Oh, Jen, I am crushed to hear how much trouble you have had and are having. You poor thing. My fingers keep stalling on the keys because I just don't know what to say. I'm just so sorry you are having such a tough time.

Hang in there, hon. I'll be praying that better days are ahead for you and your family.



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Hey Jen.

You have to be one strong willed person to have gone through all what you have descibed here. Keep your chin up. Don't let those crappy thoughts cloud your vision -- replace them with happy ones (I know, it sounds corny) but it really works. Take care.

David P.

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