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I'm Being De-Ported

Fay A.

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We no longer can say, "A port in every Fay" then, can we? :wink::D

Must feel pretty good not to need it anymore, eh? I keep feeling at mine...at where the tubing goes into the jugular....trying to make sure the tube stays where it is.

I remember getting the port installed as not being terribly traumatic. I assume you'll be awake for the removal too...just numbed locally and ever so slightly "la-la".

Hope it all goes smoothly...and when you're home, check in here and we'll toss you a little party at The Pub...okay? Ah, the odd little milestones and events we celebrate here at lchelp...huh? :wink:

I'll be thinking of you...and vibing you for easy "de-port-ment" 8)

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I am happy that your de-portation went well. It sounds like something to celebrate to me. It means there isn't a need for one at this time and that is great news. I know how you feel about little things seeming bigger than the big things. I need a cataract surgery soon ( I have already had one) and I dread it more than I did the lung surgery. This first one went well. Patch was off the next AM but I still dread it. Glad yours is over with.


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Hi. The port was removed because the tubing had twisted in on itself, then snaked up into my jugular against the blood flow. It felt like I had a bent coat hanger shoved inside my neck from the collar bone to the base of my ear. Up until this happened I was fine with leaving it in place.

It took the surgical nurse 4 tries to hit a vein for the pre port removal IV. :roll:

If and when I find I need to return to conventional chemotherapy I'll have another port a cath put in place.

Oh...what happened with the one that was just removed is not common, but is more likely to occur in ports implanted on the left side of the chest.

I am very glad that the coat hanger shoved up the neck feeling is going away....but the doc used what appears to be paper tape to close the incision...and I told them I break out in blisters when paper tape is used. So here I am, 5 days later, the whole area is itching like crazy and small water blisters are forming around the edges and just under the edges of the @#$% tape. I am so aggravated by this. Arggggh!

Why do they DO this kind of thing?

Alienated...yep...sounds about right.

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