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What Can I do?

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Hello all

I'm hoping for some advice. My Dad was diagnosed with pharyngeal cancer in January this year (the day my little girl was born). This was a secondry tumour, the primary being in the lung. He has just finished 6 chemo treatments which had an effect on the throat tumour but unfortunatley there is nothing more they can do for his lungs as the spread is too advanced.

Since this latest diagnoses he is so down, I can completely understand but would like any suggestions as to what to do. At the moment he is in relatively good health, slight cough and breathlessness and very lightheaded when he stands. I just want to make him better which I realise I cannot do. He is reluctant to speak to anyone about things, he even asked my mum not to tell me. Macmillan nurses got in touch but he doesn't feel ready to speak to them.

I realise there isn't much I can do but if anyone can offer any advice I would be very grateful.

Thoughts and prayers to other going through the same.


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If you haven't already, PLEASE go for a second opinion. It may, indeed, be the same result, but I would make sure to check it out.

Sorry about the news and your dad feeling down. Just be there for him at the moment....would be wonderful if he would read posts here!

Will be hoping for the best for your whole family.


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I agree with Kasey. NSCLC typically doesn't respond terribly well to chemo (although there are certainly many exceptions to this, which you will find if you read the boards!), but it may help keep things stable for periods of time. Mum has now tried 3 different types of chemo, and we are hoping to find another for her.

Please seek another opinion.


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Hi Fi.

Well I'm definitely with the others who vote for a second opinion. Jimben is certainly one person who springs to mind who had no luck with chemo at all until, I think, his 6th line treatment! You can do a search for his posts but he definitely posted recently.

I wish you luck. Out of curiosity are you English?


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Like Doughnut I suspect you might be in the uk. If so don't accept the opinion of one oncologist.

My husband was told in April last year to go and enjoy the summer as it was implied it would be his last. When we suggest that iressa might be worth a try his response was that it works well in Japan.

We got another oncologist plus the iressa and so far Barry is ok.

Incidentally I ran into the guy in a hospital corridor and I told him what I thought of the consultation we had with him and suggested that if a patient with similiar symptons presents themselves to him he might like to be more thoughtful. I do not think he enjoyed our encounter.

Best wishes


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