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Saying prayers for David Chapman


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Please join me in saying prayers for

David Chapman and his family.

They are going thru alot right now, and it is my understanding that David is in much pain and still in hospital.

David, we love you- and are sending prayers of comfort and peace to you and your family.

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Very Strong Prayers are being said for the Chapman family.

David, I so hope they get your pain under control very soon my friend. :(:(

My heart aches for you being in this much pain.

Stay strong and know we will be here for you when your feeling better.


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Katie, thank you for giving us an update on Dave. I constantly keep that entire family in my thoughts and prayers. They have been through so very much yet seem to have so much faith and courage! God bless them!

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Please add my heartfelt prayers for the entire Chapman family....for David to get some relief from his physical pain....for Karen to get relief from the emotional pain.....for Faith to be shielded from the pain of watching her daddy suffer....for David's parents that they receive help dealing with the trauma of watching their son suffer so....for Becky to receive the strength needed to cope with this entire situation from afar.

Prayers have been said in our household every day for quite some time now. We will continue ~ more fervently if that is at all possible.

May God be with the entire family and bring them comfort.


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