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David C has passed


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Karen, Dave, and the rest of our beautiful family. We will mourn you forever and we will remember the kindness, empathy, inspiration, and encouragement you have given to us through all your pain.

May the good and loving memories always pop to the top first!

:(:( we love you.


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I am so saddened by the loss of David. He put so many smiles on my face as he did us all here. I wish I had the pleasure of knowing him in person. What a truly awesome guy he was. We have all lost a very much loved family member here at LCSC. May he rest in peace and play his trumpet loud!

God bless his loving family,


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Haven't been on line for the last few days. Just saw thie post. I am so sad that this awful disease has taken another family member. David will be missed by all of us. Karen, we are here for you and Beth. Praying the pain you are feeling in your heart will be eased soon. Concentrate on your beautiful daughter and find comfort in each other, she needs you so much right now. My prayers to you both and also your mom...

God Bless, prayers and lots of gentle hugs,


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Please accept my condolences. David was an inspiration to us all here at LCSC. For you older members....remember the challange to dress up with that blond wig...and drag. We all had a good laugh from that one. David is at peace now. He lost the battle but not the war. We have to wage the next battle.

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