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Remember when DavidC...?


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Remember when the "Instigator" challenged David Chapman to dress-up in Drag for donation $$ back in May of 2004?

It was such good fun. I remember BobMC :cry: and DavidA :cry: egging him on this challenge. (Maybe the three of them have "met" now)

God, this is so hard. This one's for you David.

You truly were ONE OF A KIND.





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Oh Katie that is awesome that you found those pictures and put them up for all to see. Our David C was a GREAT GUY! So full of fun and laughs and gave sooo much love and support to all of us.

I'm sitting here with tears. :cry: This is very hard. I feel like I honestly have lost a family member.

Thanks Katie for putting those pictures up. I know David is having a cocktail and blowing his horn with DavidA, T-bone, Betty, BobMc, Cathy's dad, your dad, my sister, mother and father, the Duke of Earl, Shellie's mom and dad, etc. etc, etc..

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Sue M.

Ada W.

Judy B.

Lenr8 (Lenny Retske)

BartZiggy (Greg Gaither)

David W.

BeckyG (Curtis' Becky)

Sam (Dr. Sam)


and of course all the caregivers/family members who are members here who lost their loved ones...

I'm having a real hard time with this.

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I am having a hard time too and I just want to add that hopefully he is having cocktails with the mothers of my dear sisters--Andrea B's mom, Natalie's mom, and Denise's (niececola)mom.

Did we ever find out who the instigator was?

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Thanks Addie, I did just add her.

Before someone else reminds me of someone, I was just listing those members that I came across while searching for David C.'s old threads about being in Drag for donations.

So many of our friends.


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I'm sorry for the loss of David C. new to this forum, I didn't read his posts until the call for prayers went out a couple days ago. you are all so brave, to invest so deeply in each other here knowing that many of your new friends will pass. I am using you as a model for bravery where I feel I have none.



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I'm sitting here trying to get my mind around the loss of David C and what keeps banging me on the head is that the bravery that we read about in fairy tales or fictional books is nothing compared to that which is here ... David and his family being a perfect example.

Their fight has not been without fear, doubt, frustration, anger or dispair etc. but the fact that they continued ( and will continue ) to take on each new day in the face of all of this, illustrates great bravery and courage. Looking at all the names being recalled, I can remember the words of love, encouragement, understanding and wisdom from many of these people and my time visiting this board has been quite short. If I can be half as couragous and brave as the people on this board that would be a positive thing for myself and my family.

While I continue to wrestle with the loss of people like David and my Dad, I am reminded of their courage and that of every person on this board. That is mind boggling in itself.

P.S. I think I came on this board when David C had one of these pictures as his AVITAR. I hadn't heard the history behind it so this was fun to read and to see the other pics. It sure didn't take long to realize that this man had one heck of a sense of humor that is for sure. Thanks for sharing this Katie.

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Katie, thanks so very much for posting those pictures and reminding us of better days. Today is really a hard one for me. After watching Dennis battle SCLC and losing, I was always so encouraged that DaveC would be the one to beat this monster...on behalf of all the ones that didn't. I just feel so terrible. Can't hold back the tears.

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this is Karen. I'm hoping Berisa's father is teaching Dave some chinese.

Just a clarification here. Dave wouldn't be having a cocktail in heaven. It would definitely be a Sam Adams. that was HIS drink of choice. in fact, the doctors told me to give him some (on the sponge on a stick thing) if I wanted, so I had my Dad bring a bottle to me and he was able to have some Sam in his last hours.


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Going to display some ignorance here. Is Sam Adams some kind of beer? I'm glad he got some though Karen.

I reckon that tomorrow Betty will teach him how to dance. With all the trumpet playing, dancing and fishing going on up there they'll be OK :cry:


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Thanks for the pictures of Dave, Katie. It really helps to remember his life and what a funny and fun man David was. I just wanted to say that the few posts that he made to me, I felt he was really talking to me. He had a great voice and a kind, intelligent spirit.

Cindi o'h

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