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Hubby(lords1protector) progress

Guest youngnblessed

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Guest youngnblessed

Hello Everyone

Here is a brief update on my husbands progress. Yes my husband has been on Taxol chemo after being diagnosed, but on the June 3rd the doctors after testing noticed that in his liver were he had small traces of cancer that had in a small amount of time grown into a tumor. So they decided that he needed surgery to have the mass removed, because he was having extreme blood loss. They scheduled surgery for June 13th but on that tuesday June 7th he began feeling worst so they pushed the surgery up to June 10th. Well after hours of surgery 6am-2am the next morning I recieved a call from him letting me know that he made it through and the procedure was sucessful. Well as of yesterday he is healing very well and will be released soon to return home. The cancer in his lungs due to lack of chemo for the last few weeks has began to grow .3 in Rt and .1 in Lt so prayers are still needed. As soon as he returns home he will begin chemo-Taxol. So thanks for all your prayers and I ask that you will continue to do so. I appoligize that I havent been updating you all on a regular basis but I have been waiting for my husbands calls. I will try to do a little better the next few weeks.

I love you all and thank you,


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Guest youngnblessed
Dear Young,

Very glad your husband is doing well.

I do have a question, really curiosity. Where is your husband having surgery that he is not close to you? That must be difficult to be apart at this time.

Surgery in Montreal Canada, and I was sent home to South Carolina, so that I would be at our home in Vermont worrying all alone.

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You know how I feel about Young Skywalker in my PM.

So glad you cleared up the operation confusion.

I am so sorry you cannot be with him. That has to be so incredibly difficult for you. Do you have any idea when he is coming home?

Keep us posted on his progress as we care so much for him.


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