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hello from Tampa, FL

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I don't know the answer to your question. Someone else will have information for you. I just wanted to welcome you and thank you for trying to help your patient. It's very kind of you and I'm sure whatever his experience, having someone there who treats him like the valuable individual he is will be very helpful. Thank you for being one of those people who take on the tough jobs in order to make life a little more comforting for others.


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I'm sorry- I meant to "QUOTE" what you wrote in a reply I was writing to this- but accidently deleted part of your message above. :roll::oops:

I am so very sorry.

***Part of your message above is gone.

If you wish to repeat what you wrote here, by all means please do.


Thanks for your responses.

I have been doing home health/hospice for about 7 years now.


If you have worked with cancer patients in the past, then I would assume you know the ending days are very different from one and other.

Heart FAILURE wouldn't be uncommon adding it into the over all picture of someone dying from cancer.

You might check with your Co-workers as to what to expect. That question may be tough for some of our members to answer, but I'm sure you understand.

We're all fighting for our lives or fighting to keep our loved one's alive here, and talking about ending days is...... well, you know! :cry:

Good Luck,

Connie B.

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