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My Dad has begun to "tremble"


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My Father has just completed his radiation treatments and is now on a month Chem break. A break very much welcomed..... he has become very weak. He also has developed a tremble. My mother believes the tremble is caused by him laying in bed all day and sleeping. He (back before we got the news of cancer) was a "very" active man. No grass growing under his feet. Now lies in bed all day watching TV & sleeping. I know he is very depressed and who isn't from the shock of Lung Cancer stage 4!

So my ? is anybody else have the trembles? Do you think getting him up and doing things again will help get rid of them? Do you think its caused by "weak" muscles?

I also want to add a Thank you everyone to all on this site ! The support and words of encouragement is awsome!!! I come to this site often and read (ok lurk) but I don't post to often.

Thanks again and Take care, Michelle

Dad given cancer news in April 2003

Stage 4 mets to brain & spine

Brain operation to remove 90% of tumor May 2003

Started rad & chemo May 2003

Break from treatment July 2003

Pray to God to give my Father a Pass to live a much longer life!!!

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My Dad had a slight tremor in his hands before the diagnosis of lc. It was deemed non-essential which means it's basically old age (for him) by the neurologist. However, now he has to take dexadron before chemo to lessen the chances of an allergic reaction. The tremor has certainly worsened and we think it's from the dexadron, perhaps the chemo. It seemed to lessen somewhat as he got near the end of the chemo round but has increased again since he had his second chemo round. Of course, the oncologist hasn't much to say about it.

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