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From our Fathers on Father's Day


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Don't cry for me,

when I'm gone,

keep the faith and be strong,

'cause through it all, I've been blessed,

faced my fear and passed the test,

so when you look up in the sky on a sunny day, imagine me drifting away ...

I'll be sailing on the ships of heaven,

when the tide rolls out for the last time,

you'll find me sailing on the ships of heaven, waiting for the day I come sailing back to you. ...Blackhawk

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Katie, What a beautiful sentiment. I drove down to the cemetary today to visit Daddy and leave him flowers for Fathers Day... Just is unreal to me....This is my first Fathers Day without him and it seems so very strange. Things will never be the same.

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This is my second father's day with my beautiful father. Of all the holidays, birthdays and all the days in between, Father's Day is the hardest. Last year was the first and I remember it well, the agony. I don't expect tomorrow to be all that much better. This day is very very difficult. I miss you Daddy, I wish we were all together again sharing happy times. Rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with all the fatherless children, both young and grown, on Father's Day.

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This is my 13th Father's Day without my dad, and I still miss him. He would have adored my son, they are so much alike, and my son would have adored my dad and his endless supply of silly jokes and limericks and backward nursery rhymes that always got a long drawn out DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD in mock horror when we heard them. My son's sense of humour is identical to my dad's, my dad finally would have had the appreciative audience he was looking for :lol:. Instead, I tell my son stories about his Pop-pop, and it just doesn't seem like enough. Eric doesn't really know what he is missing, but I know so well how short changed he actually is.

I try to not actively miss my father too much on a regular basis, but do allow myself a few days per year to still grieve, and that's okay. Tomorrow is one of those days...

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we had my dad's memorial service the day before father's day... it was a good service and seemed to provide some solace to us but but but the solace is so ephemeral. thank you for posting you poem; i can only hope that one day i'll be seeing my dad again but it just seems like a dream, love lori

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