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Father's Day


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Tomorrow is only my 2nd Father's day without my dad.

Sometimes it feels like I haven't seen him in SO LONG, and other days I feel like I just lost him. I miss him so much, and he is missing so much. I'll go to the cemetary in the morning.

Also, tomorrow we are doing a cookout for father's day (Rick's), the kids and I are going to cookout and we will have tons of food and we will swim and celebrate Rick's day- he wanted to invite his parents and that sure was ok with me. Then he added without thinking, you can invite your mom and dad too.

He caught it right after it came out of his mouth. He just froze and our eyes locked, then he apologized. That was the first time that ever happened.

I wish I could invite my dad too. Who knows, maybe he can see us. Maybe he knows how much I miss him and he misses us too....?

This has been a real hard week here at LCSC.

It's been a real hard week for me personally too.

Lots of bad news and hope is pretty thin at times for others. I'm going to say prayers for everyone,

a LOT of them.

God Bless all fathers this father's day.

Enjoy and treasure your dads.

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This is my 1st Father's Day without my dad. I have been dreading this day. It is not only father's day but it marks 9 months since daddy died. I miss him so much.

I remember last father's day he came down to my house and we had a cookout and sat out on the deck. He wasn't feeling well because he was doing chemo treatments and they were not working. I can still picture him clearly sitting on the deck opening his cards and presents with tears in his eyes. He knew this would be his last father's day here on earth. It broke my heart then and still does to this day.

I miss all the laughter my dad brought into my life. He was the kindess and most caring person I knew. My teenage daughters thought he was awsome (and you know how hard it is to have a teenager think you are awsome if you are over 30 years old!!!!!).

Katie, I wish I wasn't able to say I know exactly how you feel today but sadly I do know. Father's day will never be the same again without our sweet dads.

I hope you have a wonderful cookout.


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Dear Katie,

The last Father's Day I celebrated with my dad was in 1982! I still miss him...especially on Father's Day. Hopefully that will NEVER change for me. I WANT to remember him so much - especially on this day in particular.

What a gift I think it was that Rick said what he said. Your dad's presence must still be very much felt in your family....and that is VERY good. Would it have made it any better if Rick had NOT mentined your dad? I don't think so. I think it is so poignant that his thoughts were of your dad at that moment.

May ALL of us who have lost our dads remember them today. May we feel their presence. May we remember their love. May we tell stories of them to our children so they will never forget. May we thank God for the privilege of having such special men as our caretakers for however long they were allowed to be so.

My love to my dad and to all of you mourning and celebrating your own wonderful fathers.


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Katie, I'm sure that Jesse was right there with his wonderful family at the cookout. My Dad has been dead for several years but special days still manage to bring back a lot memories and unfortunately a very empty feeling. I know that my sons had a really rough time of it yesterday. They all called me and told me how much they miss their Dad.

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