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Foot Pain and Burning Toes


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Okay, now that I have your attention with THAT heading :shock: ....

Has anyone ever had problems with pain and burning in your toes and in the tops and bottoms of your feet? I have had problems with numbness in my hands, arms and feet since surgery and occasional other areas. The last few weeks I have been getting the bad pain in my feet and toes. Last night I woke up from really painful stabbing in several of my toes.

I had been putting off going to a neurologist for the last year for the loss of feeling, but have an appointment for next week. I always assumed it was neuropathy from something (I never had chemo and am not diabetic) and I would live with it but it is getting unbearable. Just thought I'd ask in the meantime if anyone has had this... my feet are burning all day today so its on my mind...

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I had some terrible pain in one foot (certain toes) for years. Turned out to be a neuroma. Had surgery for such and it is now half fixed. Other problems non related to the neiroma give me trouble still. But neuroma may be a possibility.


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Mine is chemo related...and was mild...mostly on the bottoms of my feet, and really only noticeable at night, when I was in bed. Sitting or standing, during the day....I didn't really notice it.

But recently I've had a spot on my right hand...the pinkie finger and down the outside of my hand to the wrist. It's expanded now to include the ring finger too...and it itches like crazy and sometimes has this burning sensation. The other night, I had a burning, shooting spasm of pain in the hand...OH, and the outside of my left ankle also itches like mad. :shock:

Weird...huh? And nothing is bilateral...which seems kinda weird to me, too. :?

It's "on my list" of things to ask the onc about on Wed. when I see him next. It will be interesting to see what the neurologist says...since you've not had any chemo, Deb. Be sure to let us know...ok?

Oh...I got some Benadryl anti-itch cream at the drug store the other day. It sort of helps. Not a lot...but a little. :roll: You might try it.

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The bottoms of my feet have hurt for quite some time. My ankles swell - a lot. Ankle swelling doesn't hurt, my heels do...the balls of my feet do. Doesn't matter what shoes I wear, they always hurt. I wear "tall shoes" that place the weight on the balls of my feet - my heels STILL hurt. I wear supportive sneakers, my heels hurt. This isn't the end of the day after being on 'em for hours, this is within an hour of getting to work and sitting at my desk!

I'll be talking to my oncologist about it, as well. If I learn anything, I'll let you know.

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Thanks all for your input. I actually went to the ER tonight because besides the burning feet, my leg where I have had problems was really hurting. Everything is fine, but I had to share the doctor's comments. Picture Woody Harrelson ..

He asked me if I had ever smoked after I told him I had lung cancer surgery 2 years ago and I told him, that yes I had at one time. (I really have stopped holding the smoking question thing against people). He followed that up with "ya see, some people just gotta haf a come to jesus meetin to quit their ways". :shock: At least he left out 'wicked' ways. As I was trying to digest this statement, he went on to ask me who my neurologist appointment was with. I told him who it was and he told me that he was good, just a wierdo. I told him that I heard he had no bedside manner and he said, "sweetie, it don't matter none what his bedside manner is, you ain't gonna be sleepin with him". There were a couple of other gems said, but you all get the drift. ANd the funny thing is he was clueless that anything said may be considered offensive. Sometimes I am amazed at the ignorance of those who should know better....

Anyway, keep those burning feet ideas coming becasue as you can see, I am on my own over here until I see the "wierdo" next week.. :wink::shock: !

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Hi Debi,

Although I have not had cancer, I do have nueropothy. I am not diabetic either. I have had it since my mid forties and I will be 51 in a few days. It started out as burning when I went to bed at night and then progressed to burning all the time. It is hard to explain to people that you're bottoms of you're feet are numb yet they have a lot of pain. I am on nuerontin for this condition and take 2400 mg daily. I have also just started a therapy (which is the only hope I have found) that is called anodyne. The unit I am using at home is 2200.00 dollars and it has a 90% sucess rate. I have been using it about 2 weeks. The medication cost me $248 a month. I am renting this unit for 60 days and may return it in 30 if I decide it is not working for me. I want you to know that insurance does cover this unit(anodyn therapy) if you have it. I do not have insurance so I have to pay for it. This is a refurbished unit and if you buy one that is new it is $2900.00. Usually someone that has insurance would go to therapy 3 times a week for 4 weeks and then decide to buy the unit through insurance if it showed improvement for you.

My Mom also has neuropothy without diabetas and is going to be 80 in Sept. Her's has never progressed beyond the burning and I am told that for me to have it worse is normal and if my children have it they will have it worse than me.

I also have it in my pinky, ring finger and that part of my palm and it hurts something awful sometimes but is always numb.

It can be dibilitating to the point of not being able to walk. I am not saying this is what you have but it sounds like mine a lot. My feet itched terrible on the tops of my feet and the nuerologist told me that my feet did not itch just as my feet are not burning but this is nerve pain. Since upping my meds I no longer have the itching.

I hope you find out what you're problem is soon and it can be dealt with.

God bless you,


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Debi and Jane,

My SIL has very severe neuropathy of her feet and legs up to her knees. Couldn't sleep, trouble walking, etc. She has been using 'anodyne' therapy for a while now and says it really works for her.

Debi, hope your problem is easier to solve.

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Dearest co-friend of Bill's,

I am so sorry for your pain and the lack of compassion/understanding/help......

but I have to tell you:

I was crying this morning...........then I got on this site.............when I read your post I laughed out loud........I think I can make it through the day, now.

You have a gift for laughing through the pain and tears..........and I thank you.

Here's to all the Weirdos and to all of us who so desparately need them!!



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I have peripheral neuropathy in my both lower legs/feet as a side effect of the Cisplatin that I was on for both of my chemo rounds.

It actually got bad enough that they discontinued the cisplat for the las month this last time.

One Doc told me it would get better, but another said it wouldn't, that the damage to the nerves wouldn't repair itself.

I've been out of chemo for a year now (this month) and I still have the pain, numbness and tingling. Makes it hard to be on my feet alot or for long periods.

Hope your's is feeling better :)

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I've got that but not to any extent that I want to pursue any treatment for it. I blamed chemo, but you didn't have chemo, so I have no idea.

I hope neuro weirdo can fix you right up.


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