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Wow, this is an up and down thing, isn't it?

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Just got a call from mom...she's in the hospital. The pain that she's been having in her right arm that we were told was "nothing" is a clot from the wrist to the carotid. :roll: B/p's crap and, of course, white and red cells are almost nil...could explain all that fatigue! LOL So, i'm off to go see who's butt needs jumped about what and i'll let you all know what i find out!

Thanks for all the support! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers always!

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Dear Missy,

Yes, it's very up and down. My hubby has been having a couple of good days, then a bad day, a couple of bad days, then a good day. . . . .

I'm sorry to hear, though, that your mom is in the hospital. It's 1,000 times more scary when they have to be hospitalized. Please keep us posted.

Love and hugs,


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Thanks everyone...

They had to put in a pick (sp?) line because they couldn't get an iv in for the heprin...so, mom's officially got extra parts! LOL Told her she might as well see if she can keep it in to finish off the rounds of chemo left...would save her veins, at least.

They are giving her heprin AND coumadin to try and break up the clots...the whole vein from wrist to carotid is full of them. :cry:

Apparently they're thinking that the dramatic drop in b/p is from the combination of medicines she's taking, a couple for a heart condition that the pulmonologist says is nonexistant and that the cardiologist says is there! Got to love feuding physicians! LOL

Still not sure what they're doing with the low cell counts...guess we'll find out tomorrow...it's supposed to be chemo day for her!

Thanks again for all the support and prayers...they're much appreciated! You are all continued in mine, also!

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Hi Missy,

The neverending roller coaster ride. :shock:

I hope you mom starts to feel better soon and the fatigue she has been experiencing disappears.

You are one tough cookie. You would probably make a great dectective :D:wink:


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Missy, sorry to hear things aren't going so great for your mom. Yes, dealing with this monster is truly a roller coaster ride that none of us will ever forget. I'm keeping you and your mom in my prayers.

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