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Snowflake 3000

Don Wood

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Hey, folks, our own Snowflake -- aka Becky -- has reached the milestone of her 3000th post! Thank you, Becky, for your continued wisdom and support for all of us over the past two years. You are a true "dragon slayer", as your picture denotes. We look forward to more of your loving care and wisdom. Rah! Rah! Don

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You know, for someone of your comparitively tender years :wink: you've got some real wisdom, Beck!

Add me to those who always enjoy your posts...which is the vast majority, Toots. Of this, I am sure. 8)

It's one thing to be verbose...it's another to be verbose and REALLY SAY SOMETHING.

You fall into the latter category! Keep it up! Love ya!

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Yes, Becky, you DO have a gift. I cannot but agree with all the very supportive comments in the previous posts.

Thank you for your guidance when I first came on board. I looked to you for the "how to" when learning the initial ropes of what to say and how to say it!

I believe you serve as inspiration...not only to those joining the board now....but to all of us who wish we had the way with words that you do.

I am looking forward to so many thousands of more posts, Becky.

With appreciation for all you say here.


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Thanks, Don...3000 posts - wonder how many WORDS? :shock: (and look how far behind you I am!)

I'm here for at least another thousand - if I don't run out of words!

Thanks for the big group warm fuzzy, guys.

Love to all,


Can I get someone to pay RY for my fines for swearin' in chat? 8)

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Dear Becky,

You have helped so many in so many ways and the amount of words I think you far surpass any of us but those words as someone said are so thought out and you tell it as it is and that deserves lots of respect and love! You have mine!

God bless you always,


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Thank you Becky for all you do dor us! Your moral, humor and good advice are such a help! And...thank you Don Wood for keeping track of this for us so we can give these special members proper thanks! Way to go Becky and Don!!!!!

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