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My wonderful hubby


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Well that's a bit of a porky actually 'cause we never did get married. He has just surprised me with the news that in honour of Claire's good news he's paid for Claire and me to go to Paris ...this weekend! He told her his plans on Thursday and as her doc says it's Ok he booked it (and booked a day off work for me with my bosses) :D

We go Thursday and come back Sunday!


PS. I've always wanted to know what a hall pass is. I mean I get the gist but is it something to do with high school or something? And that's another thing. I don't get the American education system. What ages does high school cover?

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Have a great time in Paris! Ooooh la la!

Yes, it is a junior high, senior high school thing. You have to have a hall pass if you are going into the hall from a classroom during class time. It shows the permission of the teacher that it is alright for you to be out there. Junior high is 6-8 grade (11-13 yrs. approx.) and senior high is 9-12 grade (14-17 yrs. approx.). Don

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And Don's description describes every one of us. Since we act like high school kids, Ry makes us ask for a hall pass!

She'll also fine you 10 bucks if you don't ask for a hall pass, and if you're really bad, she'll make it 20 bucks. Of course, she has to drive to each of respective states to try to collect it. :):roll:


Have a good time on your break!



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Well fellow Brit, took me a while to understand this system and no one that I know over here understands our system either.

How wonderful of your hubby to send you both to Paris, have a great break and enjoy all (well maybe most!) that the French have to offer!

Bon voyage,


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Ooooo Paris...well of course you must take the Eiffel Tower pass. Have a wonderful time . I am so jealous.

Now about hall passes...Don left out that many teachers think its funny to give kids a hall pass that is different. For example, the wood shop teacher thinks its funny to make kids carry a huge piece of wood, etc. So its not uncommon to see kids carrying the most bizarre things through the hall. So that is why the hall passes I give out have different shapes.

Rochelle :lol:

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First, no, brat...you're not the only one's who've not traveled abroad! HAHAHAHAH Closest i've come to leaving the country was going to Las Vegas from Iowa! Wow, what a difference a few states make!! LOLOLOL

Have a GREAT time!!! Oh, how fun! Enjoy, celebrate, then come back and tell us all the details! :D

Oh, yes, the hall pass and odd shapes! Just reminded me of the school where i work! We have one teacher who makes the kids carry a 20 lb weight! Gym teacher, of course! But so funny to watch them lug it around! *giggles*

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WOW....what a great guy!!! Be sure to look up my relatives while you're there, I have tons of them in Paris and boy can they cook, (if you can understand 'em when they talk, I never have been able to much :oops: ). Have a ball, celebrate Claire's good friend NED and you of course!! :D


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