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Update on my Mom


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Well it has been just over a month now since mom was rushed into emergency brain surgery due to bleeding on the brain.

She is doing a bit better, but is still weak, sleeps a lot and still having some problems with her thinking and memory.

We were shocked when the radiologist still wanted to start the PCI. My Mom is all for it, but the rest of us are concerned. We worry with just having the surgery and her already having memory problems and being so weak what this might do. My sister went to the meeting armed with all are questions and concerns and she felt the doctor was a bit annoyed with her and she knew my mom was very annoyed with her. But we just want whats best for her! We all felt they should do some scans or something to make sure she is remission before they put her through this. The doctor finally agreed with this, so she will be getting a CT scan on Thursday and we will know the results on Friday. If all is well she will start the PCI the following week. So prayers please that nothing has spread and that the treatments go well.

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You have my prayers for everything to go well. When I read posts like yours, I think of how all of us have to take such an active role in deciding the timing and what is right for those we love. It's such a big responsibility and stressful to say the least. I'm speaking from my own experience here, as well. I can relate. Wishing you the very best and sending prayers your way.

Love and Prayers,


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Hi Millie,

I sure understand the feelings you are having about your mom getting the treatments. I've just gone through the same kind of hand-wringing. Should we or shouldn't we?

It's really tough to want them to get MORE treatment that you think will make them worse instead of better. We're so used to "treatment" making things better. With cancer, the treatment has to make them worse before they hopefully get better. That's really, really hard to choke down.

Bottom line in our case is, it was his decision, and I think he made the right decision to get more treatment, even though it scares me out of my wits.

My guess is from the way you described your mom's reaction is that she will want to get the PCI done. Once she makes that decision, the best you all can do is say, "Great, Mom! We're behind you 100%."

Then run home to worry and cry some. Works for me!!

Love, hugs and prayers for your mom,


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