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Mom and Dads Anniversary


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Well, yesterday would have been Mom and Dads 54th wedding anniversary. I took the day off from work and spent the day with Mommy. It was very hard for her and I thought she shouldn't spend the day alone. Daddy has been gone 6 months now and she says it is getting harder with each day instead of easier... I wish I knew how to help her. I thought maybe some of you who have walked in her shoes could shed some light on what I can expect... and if what she is feeling is "normal", whatever "normal" is... I don't even know anymore. Any advice you can give me on how to help her would be appreciated. Thanks my friends. Love, Sharon

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I think Katie pretty well said it. Just stay involved with your mom. What she is going through is really normal. The first year and a half for me was very hard to get through.

Just stay involved with your mom and let her know you are there.

Much love.

Praying for us all.


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Thanks Katie and Shirley... Katie, your words hit home because Mom keeps saying... I know now he is really not coming back.... so i guess what you wrote is true....The reality is setting in. Thanks for your support (as always you never let me down) Love, Sharon

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Hi Sweetie,

I have missed you here. 53+ years is a verrrrry long time. I am sure your Mother feels like she is missing a vital body part.

It is over 10 months for me and I have days that I am just sad, sad, sad. Don't have any answers other than my mantra, keep busy, keep busy, keep busy.

As you can see this is my repetitious post. But I think of your family often and pray that your Mother finds joy each day.


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