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Morning everybody!

Doctor said things went even better than expected and their was no involvement with the kidney.

Have to wait for the reports of course, but he said it DIDN'T have the physical characteristics of a malignant tumor.

So keep the prayers coming - and hopefully this will turn out to be nothing.

Aside from being tired, I feel great! And I have an adorable teddy bear for hugging and two dozen roses for smelling - I guess he's a keeper! LOL!

Love you all,

Hugs and prayers,


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With good news like this in the morining, I sure don't need a cup of coffee to wake me up!

Good to hear from you, and so glad you wrote in English--instead of Neigh, neigh, neigh....

Peace, while you wait for the good news.

love and fortitude


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Hi Sandy,

So far so good. That is great news. :D

Keeping everything crossed for a good path. report.

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful, caring partner. :wink:

Meditation prayers sent out to you this morning.


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