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Scary Night------and update after Doc visit 1:45 CDT


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Thank goodness we have a scheduled appointment w/ Brian's oncologist at 11:30 today!

I was afraid to go to sleep so I just stayed in the living room on the couch and kept tip toeing into the bedroom to check on him.

He is scheduled to start Tarceva today so he wanted to go out to dinner last night. I recognized that he was pushing himself to do this, so I enthusiastically joined in. He has had a couple days that have been pretty miserable. Little strength, no stamina and the kind of tired that makes you shakey and pale. He is happier if I don't comment on that, so I don't. I have kept my concern to myself and watched him closely.

As we pulled into the garage after a dinner that he really did not eat, he started having chills. He ran a low grade fever on and off all night. He spent his time in bed curled up in the fetal position and huddled under a winter blanket........I had the a/c turned off and believe me, it was NOT cold in the bedroom..........I am usually the cold one and he is warmer and we have the usual married 'thermostat' battles.

He got into bed at 8:30 and it is now 7:20 AM and he is still there.........if he gets up to use the bathroom he starts w/ the chills again. One time he did wake with sweating, but went right back to chills. His temp is normal now.

I am so worried. He has had a lot of noticeable fogginess in his thinking/communicating. (but just had a clear brain MRI last month)

I don't know if he has disease progression, anticipatory anxiety, or if what we are up against is really registering w/ him. He is less communicative and (completely out of character) a bit 'down' emotionally.

I am very very worried. He would not let me call the doc in the night, so very glad we are scheduled to go in today............Last scan was on 5/10. so maybe doc will order one so we can get a baseline for beginning Tarceva..........

Any input on the "chills"? He is 3 full weeks out from last chemo infusion, had his Aranesp shot Tuesday (which usually really perks him up) and should be at the best part of his cycle.........Just not happening this time.

Thanks for being here. I am so scared.......but I have done a really good job of not letting Bri see that I am.


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I second Katie about being dehydrated, although when you feel miserable the last thing you can do is drink. It's a vicious cycle. My cancer center let me come in and get fluids through IV when I was dehydrated from chemo, really helped.

I'm sorry for you and Brian. Hang in there, I know there will be better days ahead!!! Good luck at the doctor today and post back when you know something.

Because He lives,


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Guest Lensiedel


Bruce also had those kind of symptoms when he was dehydrated. I hope the doctor sorts this out for you today. Know that not a day goes by when you are not in my thoughts and prayers.


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Praying for you guys... I'm so sorry you had to go through such a scary night.... Many, many ((((hugs)))) to you both.

i also wanted to add that my Mom is ALWAYS going through chills. The doc hasn't indicated why... and it's not always when she takes vicodin (which is when she gets awful sweats).

Good luck wiht your appointment today and let us know what they say.

Sending love, and prayers, and hope to you guys!

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Hi Pat,

I'm glad Brian is going to the dr. today. Sorry he had such a rough night. I think fever and chills is pretty common at this stage of the game; I remember going thru that. Chemo has many effects on the body, also he could be dehydrated. The doctor today, hopefully, can give you more insight. Just wanted to reassure you that this does happen. Currently I have "fevers of unknown origin" every two months or so. The dr. told me I'm susceptable to fever and bacterial infection due to having a "beat up lung", smoking, radiation and chemo. He gives me Zithromax to have on hand to squash the fever once it begins. So far, this has worked. Sometimes I forget what my lungs have been thru, but his comment brought it all back to me. But in the long run, that's a small price to pay. Please let us know your outcome when you get back.

Joanie ((()))

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What would we do w/ out you guys?? Thank you for caring about us........it makes this whole horrible thing tolerable.

Doc confirmed what you guys said: Brian is dehydrated (getting IV fluids right now), he has some kind of germ (Biaxin for 6 days) and his blood counts are not coming up like they should (bloodwork weekly). He had a chest XRay before they started the drip..........he is having labored breathing but that could be the temp he is running.

He is to start Tarceva tomorrow before breakfast. He sees doc PRN and if not needed before------in 6 weeks on August 4 for reassessment and scan scheduling.

We are to call if the Tarceva rash or 'system upset' become disconcerting and he will prescribe something, but he said side effects from Tarceva are a 'good thing', so we should hope to see some.

Anyway, I am sure that if we can get a good night's sleep tonight we will be able to renew the fight again tomorrow and moving forward.

We thank each of you. We need each of you. We thank God every single day that you are here and that Katie and Rick (et al) make this 'safe place' possible.



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There are a lot of knowledgeable people here-family members. Even though I don't post a lot, I am reading and getting strength and information from the posts. Between us all, we have seen and dealt with it all! I consider myself a blood clot, colon neuropathy, and chemo. expert. LOL. Take care. Praying for a Tarceva miracle!

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Glad to see everything has at least been explained and is being worked on. That's half the battle, not knowing what is wrong is scary.

Thinking of you both, and how amazing that one little word can mean so much! Onward sums it all up so well!!

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Hi Pat and Brian,

Wow! I missed it all today. You guys have had it rough, that's for sure. I'm glad Brian got the fluids for the dehydration and antibiotics. Hope you feeling much better tonight, Brian, and that you get a good night's sleep.

You ought to see what they think about throwing in a little Decadron to give him a little umph. It sure is working for my hubby. Another hot meal tonight waiting for me after work. I understand that Decadron helps with SOB, too.

Love and hugs,


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Dear Pat,

Spent the night last night at my son's to celebrate my son's and my birthday so I never saw this until you're update. I am glad it was dehydration and that is being addressed as is other things. You and Brian are in my prayers.

God bless you both,


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