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update on missyk's mom - by her mom


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Thank you one and all for all the wonderful information and support you have given to me and my family. It is SO appreciated. As you can tell, missyk is my youngest and the one that likes to worry the most about mom. She likes to be the caregiver and help mom . I appreciate it too.

So here's the update on me: We are now at day 17 of radiation.

The problems with swallowing are there.. each day it seems to change. The esophageal irritation was expected - my rad onoc told me it could me QUITE painful. Right now I'm managing with liquid tylenol. Not the best- but workable. As I need - the meds will change too. He suggested gatorade to drink - that really does help a little, too. Nothing too hot or cold ( as most of us know) Water really is one of the best so far ( at least for me ).

Missy thought originally the repositioning would be earlier this week. To keep the spine from getting too much radiation .

But because of a blood clot, they postponed that until friday 6/24.

The blood clot was in the arm I had asked about, after my first round of chemo. The clot was from the jugular to the wrist. I guess there really was something going on in there. Of course they put me in the hosp for 3 days to get some coumadin and heprin in me. They let me go home today.

The chemo is wanting to kick my butt. Making me really tired. Had round 4 on Tuesday. But I was told that would happen too. I'm just not willing to let this disease take MY independence from me.

I think my kids and husband call that BULLHEADED !!

I am working through this with the help of some very special people, here, and at home.

I need to let each one know how important you are to me.

Thank you ALL.


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Welcome, Sue, and thanks for your personal update. Sounds like things are going along okay. My wife also went through chemo and radiation at the same time when first diagnosed. Take heart, take hope and keep fighting! My wife is 2 years and 9 months from diagnosis, and still battling (all quiet right now). Best to you. Don

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Thanks for the update. I am not suprised to read that you have a clot in your arm. We have discussed that here before. Having lung cancer puts you at risk for developing clots. prayers for a dead tumor soon. Donna G

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All right, Sue!

You are a scrapper! Boy, do I like that! Keep up the great attitude!

You have had a whole lot going on and you are taking it as it presents. Way to go.

The pub will be opening in a bit, please join us all in a "group hug" and a bottle, glass or cup of your favorite brew!

love, cindi o'h

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