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Update on Pops -- 6/23/05


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Hi All,

Leaving early didn't help too much. My plane was 2 hours late out of San Fran. so I missed my connection in Minneapolis. So we had to overnight there which was a total nightmare with the hotel situation......but made it in yesterday and immediately went to the hospital. They seem to have the cardiac issue in check (for now). He still has SOB so they are going to drain his lungs again probably tomorrow. He started crying because he said that he hated me to see him in that condition but of course I just hugged him. His spirits are lifted and his cardiologist gives him a pep talk everyday saying that it isn't time for him to go yet. My mom is glad all of us kids are home. I know his time is probably short with us but I am happy to be here; I am home for over a month this time. I spend a lot of time with him making him comfortable, joking, and keeping on top of the staff to make sure he gets his treatments on time etc. Thanks for the continued prayers.....

Kathi & Family

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Oh Sweetie, I'm glad your home safe and sound with your family as well. There's No Place Like Home! :wink:

I'll continue to keep you and your dad and family in my prayers.

You could have stayed with us here when you had to lay over in Mpls. Your always welcome at our home.

Have a great time being home. Make wonderful memories, today and every day!

Love, Hugs and Support,


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Hi Kathi,

What a nightmare you went through trying to get home. :shock:

I am so glad you are going to be home for awhile. You are such a wonderful daughter and your dad will be so much more comfortable with you being there for him.

Keep us posted on his condition.

Healing meditation prayers going out to him.


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