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Update on my mom


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Hi all,

This is an update about my mom which I had posted on the Grieving site.

Well, she made it through the operation. The docs were not sure she would. :D The trach and feeding tube is in place. But she was not concious as they kept her heavily sedated because her throat was cut to insert the tube.

She looks so much better now that those tubes are out of her mouth. Now they will try and wean her off the trach little by little. Keep your fingers crossed that she will be able to breathe on her own.

Tomorrow, hopefully she will begin to become somewhat alert and hopefully will recognize us. We also will talk to the ICU doctor to get an update.

Will keep you updated.

I really do appreciate the prayers.

Thanks much,


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Hi Maryanne,

I will say a special prayer for your mom tonight. I know how scary it is when our parents go through things like this.

My dad also had to be trached. He didn't have any problems with the trach tube and it helped him a lot. His breathing issues were really, really bad, though, so he had lots of tubes and was on a ventilator attached to the trach.

It sounds like they are on the right track with your mom and she should be feeling better in a few days.



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Hi Maryanne, Hope your mom continues to heal. Make sure they keep that trach good and clean! I hope some of her swelling is going down, and they can start to wean her of some of the sedation. Hopefully, when they get her off the vent, they can put a speaking valve on her trach, and she will be able to talk some. Hope all goes well.

Thinking of you and your family.

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