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Pray for hope


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Could you all pray for my dad.. He is going in a couple of weeks to see if this spot on his vertebrae has grown or not. Please pray that the cancer has not spread. Ive read that new cancer drugs are closer than ever and I need him to make it for a chance at them some day. Before I found this site I prayed for my dad every night. And now that I ve read your stories I included all of you because im not alone and the power or prayer is amazing. WE will OVERCOME!

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No he has only had radiation to the lungs. This spot on his vertebrae has just shown up. They think it is cancer or a crushed vertebrae and if its grown during the next test than that is how we will know. My dad hasnt seemed to have received any drug from his doc. I think living in nebraska is the problem! Not enough studies or something.

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