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Shaped Beam Spinal Surgery


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Thanks for this info, Bill.

How is your wife? I'm hoping you posting this article doesn't mean she's having more pain. Let us know how she's doing. We haven't had an update from you for a while.




Peggy :

Thanks for asking. The time for that important 3 month follow-up scan that I mentioned about back in March has now arrived. Her med onc has ordered a CT scan of her chest / abd / pelvis for the follow up instead of the expected PET scan. Don't know why he changed his mind but I'm letting it slide for now as I don't want to rock the boat and the CT scan results should provide an adequate update. RE: my wife's low back / hip pain, she still has it and the actual cause is still unknown. Depending on the scan results I may have to shake things up. Assuming no evidence of active cancer in the area, my hunch is that her persistent low back / hip pain is largely residual surgical pain, perhaps muscle tissue rubbing against those rods implanted in her back. The dramatic respiratory improvement that she experienced after starting Tarceva in March has held so far. BTW, the skin rash ( that I reported had disappeared ) has returned but this time it's primarily on her torso ( esp. back ) and there's been very little rash on her face. Her CT scan is scheduled for 6/28. I'll report the results after I obtain a copy of the rad report.

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