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Head MRI one month post WBR for mets


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I got the final read today and as of right now the 2 mets I had are gone and nothing new has grown.

I am happy yet cautious. Rescan of head in 60 days.

I am still feeling crappy, but have no real idea why. Still very off balance, like sea legs. Docs now wants me to see ENT as they are concerned the WBR did some perm. damage to the inner ear. By my last day of WBR my outside ears, inside ear canals and drums were incredibly red, hot and inflamed. Used steroids drops for a few weeks, but if its the inner ear, these wont hit it. I have been concerne that all of this off balance stuff was due to brain mets, but they tell me its not.

Did anyone else have ear issues w/ WBR?



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Jen - what great news on the mets. I will be saying prayers that everythings stays stable for you.

Though my Mom's ears chapped like after a bad burn, she did not have any serious inflammation that I am aware of. She did, however, develop tinnitus (Sp?) after her chemo and PCI. Sounds were basically bumping into each other inside her head (bouncing off an eardrum I believe)and the result left Mom feeling like she was going deaf when she in fact wasn't. Once we understood her condition we learned to speak slower to her and to enunciate our words well. It made all the difference and she felt much relief.

Take care,


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Hi Jen:

My Mom has a similar problem since PCI. What the onc. thinks is that there is something at the base of your skull that controls balance etc. and he feels that the rad onc. may have hit that when doing the radiation. He is going to scan her July 5 to be sure.

If it is the case, there is nothing he can do but wait for it to heal, which he said that it would.

Hope this helps you some, good luck with the rest of the treatment and keep the good news coming.

Thinking and praying for you,


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Congrat's Jen on two less tumor's . My wife had 4 tumor's and she was of balance before and now after, but i think since the Radiation zapped alot of her strenght that is part of her balance now as the ONC DOC did not seemed concerned as he said most of her problem's were radiation caused. And now the cancer has re-appeared in her lung so the fight continues.SO keep a stiff upper lip and relax even if it is only a week or two.......

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Jen, That is great news!!! You deserve it. The pain in my R leg is still happening. What a bugger. Always worst first thing in the AM. I am hoping to be rid of this soon. Doing physical therapy. It is difficult due to the pain I have though, but, I must keep working at it. More good luck to you.


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