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Suki, the one-lung wonder


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My mom came through her surgery today with flying colors. They completed an intra-pericardial pneumonectomy in just under 5 hours. The cancer appeared to be entirely contained in the lung that is no more. Only one lymph node remained from her 2000 surgery, which the surgeon removed. He noted that the fact that no lymph nodes had returned was a very good sign. Pending pathology on the 2nd 'spot' they couldn't biopsy and that node, we'll get staged and make decisions about chemo (but we all read the times on Thursday...)

Suki is a woman of steel. She bypassed the ICU altogether, having her breathing tube removed 90 minutes after surgery. They scoped the left lung, and it's so-far-SO-good. Her oxygen at last check was 100%. She'll be in recovery overnight to keep a close eye on her. She is a lovely shade of green, but was awake enough to ask me to rub her numbed-out right arm (over her head for 5 hours!!) then fell quietly back to sleep. Pain management could be better, but they're working on it.

My little brother showed up like a rock star today, and my boyfriend stayed with us all day long!! Even then, those fears would creep in occasionally, and guess who I turned to!? Well, yes, god, but through all of you! I literally closed my eyes and pictured your words and your pictures, and the fear passed.

You have all empowered me beyond what I thought I was capable of - physically, mentally and spiritually. I know this is far from over, but this huge hurdle is behind me with relative ease and grace thanks to you.

I am WHIPPED tired. I will call the PACU again now, having left mom for the night with the fine people at Sloan Kett. and GOD. I could not rest until I thanked you all, a million times, thank you.

love, gratitude and prayers,


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Hi Bunny,

Great news about your mom. I love your humor in your topic. :D

I am so estastic about your mom. I can see how excited you are in your post. Your excitement is contageous!!!

It is great to hear good news. Glad it was your mom.


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Good for your mom. They told me after surgery that the worst of all this was over. Couldn't believe it at the time, but they were right. I wish her a speedy and uneventful recovery.


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