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Inspirational thought that has helped me


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There was a message on a poster on the wall at my first oncologist's office that gave me a little tool to use whenever I have those really scared or down moments when I cry. (They are fewer and farther between as time goes on, but they pop up every once in a while.)

The poster read, "Cry yourself a river and then get over it."

When I cry about the cancer I sometimes feel like I'm "hexing" myself - you know, MUST THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS OR ELSE!

Then I remember that message. I think, "Of course, I'm crying! This is a big, mean, difficult roadblock in life and it might even kill me some day. It's only natural to "cry yourself a river" every now and then. Crying is healthy, let it out.

Then, blow your nose, take a deep breath and build the bridge over the river of tears and get over it. Hope, strength, and courage are on the other side."

It always helps me snap out of it and feel better about everything. Maybe the message on the poster can help you. Hope so.


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Leslie there is a river of truth to that. It is sorta like what my recently deceased Sisterinlaw left written in her Bible....And i quote...When you ask for forgiveness and recieve it and when you give forgiveness now Just forget it.....

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